New Patients

We recognize that you are the most important factor in your rehabilitation, health, and fitness plan. Our goal is to serve your health care needs by maximizing your potential for health and wellness.

Continuity Of Care

Our therapy sessions coordinate the physician’s prescription/recommendations for care with the skill of your therapist in evaluating and prescribing customized therapies for each patient/client based on their goals and needs. Wellness, conditioning/fitness, and maintenance plans of care may not require a prescription for services.

All of our therapy sessions are one on one with the therapist so that you receive consistent and comprehensive care with a clinician that knows you and your case. We feel this will help you achieve your goals of rehabilitation, fitness, independence, and health more quickly and with less expense.

Because we are devoted to your swift recovery, we provide maximum value for your health care dollars. We don’t encourage unnecessary, repetitive visits for activities or exercises you can do on your own at home. We often begin your home exercise program after your evaluation on the first visit. Each therapy session will assess your level of progress and update your therapy prescription as needed to meet your goals. The frequency of your visits will be based on your needs, progress, and potential for further improvement.

Scheduling / Appointments

Patients/clients are seen by appointment in an out-patient setting and treatments can be scheduled at the patient’s home when necessary. Appointments are generally scheduled by phone (318-745-5544). Because of the one-on-one therapist to patient/client treatment model, it may be necessary to leave a voice mail message for a call back on requests for appointments. Call backs will be made as soon as practical and between treatment sessions.

What To Expect On Your First Visit

Your first visit will include a review of your medical history, an evaluation using specific tests and measures, followed by formulation of a treatment plan customized to your specific needs and goals. Patients should budget an hour for the evaluation visit. You can expedite your check in and the set up of your chart by completing your paperwork prior to your visit. Please print out your new patient forms, complete them, and bring them to your first visit.
Patient Registration Form

What To Bring On Your First Visit

  • ID/Driver’s license
  • Prescription for care (patients being seen for wellness/fitness/maintenance care may not need a prescription for therapy)
  • Insurance coverage information
  • Comfortable clothing and footwear for testing and exercises (shorts are preferred for knee, ankle, and foot conditions and a tank top is preferred for conditions involving the neck and shoulder areas)
  • Your payment for the session